The Truth About Food And Nutrition 

This PDF e-book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide (available for immediate download) containing all of the information, checklists, progress charts and assessment tools you need to understand how to eat to suppport your health goals. Think of this guide as your key to unlocking your full health and fitness potential.



This comprehensive nutrition manual is designed to help you understand the truth about food and how to eat to nourish your body.  It uncover the myths about weight loss while giving you some simple and effective methods to design your own meal plans and achieve all your health and fitness goals.

“I have learned to manage my sugary cravings and my longing for naps and I find that not only that, but this journey hasn't only chmaged my physical self but has massively changed and altered my mental self.  I find myself more energetic, happy and all round feeling better."

Aymie Vick - No Regrets Personal Training Client

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Simple and Straightforward

This program is simple and straightforward - just the way it should be! Complete with checklists and worksheets to help you understand what nourishes your body and what changes will be most effective. The chapters are perfectly structured to make it easy to assess your needs and move toward designing your own food plan. Follow this guide and LONG TERM results are not only possible they are reality.  

A Program Based On Facts

This program is packed with helpful, proven information based off years of research and practical application. This is NOT theory about what 'should' work. This is the real deal, tested and proven to work exceptionally well. We have been in the health, fitness and rehabilitation business for over 12 years, helping over 1,500 people achieve their health and fitness goals. We know that what you eat is as important as how you move and want to make YOU our next success story.

A Word From Melissa Jack
Qualified Nutrition Advisor

Together with Ben Higgs, Personal Trainer and qualified Chef, we have put together a cutting edge program for you that delivers results. 
This guide will  help you understand the TRUTH about NUTRITION and enable you to employ some simple yet highly effective methods to reach your health goals.