"The Method That Is Helping Everyday People Overcome Knee Pain Forever."



Would you like to live without

fear of when your knee will give way?


Would you like to play sport but too

scared of aggravating an old injury?


Would you like to live pain-free?

All of these factors are covered in great

detail in our at home VMO and knee kit.


Products - Complete Knee Pain Solution Kit
Finally, A Professionally Approved Kit To Overcome Knee Pain
In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

  • Overcome debilitating knee pain in the comfort of your own home utilising products featured in the DVD and book. Each item has been hand picked with effectiveness, ease of use and storage in mind.
  • Each kit comes complete with the following items:
  • How To Strengthen Your VMO and Knee DVD - A total of 60 minutes long outlining all of the exercises from the book
  • How to Strengthen Your VMO and Knee Book
  • 1 x 65cm Swissball to complete stability exercises
  • 1 x Roll of Sports Tape for knee tracking stabilisation
  • 1 x Mini Foam Roller to release ITB & tight hip muscles
  • 1 x Long Theraband for cable exercises essential with the integration strength training
  • 1 x Micro Band for glute activation and VMO training
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DVD - How To Strengthen Your VMO And Knee
Let Us Help You Overcome Knee Pain

  • Step by step guide to help you overcome knee pain forever
  • Detailed program covering the four major factors in overcoming debilitating knee pain (Flexibility, Stability, Strength and Power)
  • Approximately 60 minutes of footage to guide you through each step of the way
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BOOK - How To Strengthen Your VMO and Knee
The Perfect Manual To Accompany Your Program

  • Over 60 pages of expertly prepared information to help you overcome knee pain forever.
  • Packed with helpful, proven information based on years of research and practical application. This is NOT theory about what “should” work. This is the real deal, tested and proven to work exceptionally well.
  • Simple and straightforward assessments that you can perform safely at home (and without the need for expensive gym equipment).
  • Discover why the knee is rarely the problem and simple steps to get to the root of the cause.
  • Six unique exercise programs to guide you through each stage of your recovery.
  • Complete with easy to follow images to help you implement each of the changes with ease.
  • Extra tips and tricks to fast track your recovery to full health
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Proof Of Program Success - Client Case Study
Kate Neilson

“ I started to experience knee pain in my right knee 18 months -2 years ago. Being an allied health professional myself, I thought the best way to treat my knee was to see an osteopath as at that stage I was unsure of the source of the pain; muscular, skeletal, a combination. I begun regular appointments with the osteopath who treated me with dry needling and deep tissue massage which was very painful (and expensive)! At this stage I was being treated for patella tendonitis. After around 5 months of no progress or change in my pain, I decided to cease treatment with the osteo. I then started to see a physiotherapist. Again, the same story as the osteopath; lots of expensive treatment sessions and no improvement in the pain. At this stage I had stopped playing netball as I was under the impression that the hard impact of the game would make the pain worse and do some damage to the knee.

Enter Nick and the team at No Regrets. I started training with Nick 12 months ago and the first thing he did with me was an in-depth postural assessment to see how my body moves bio-mechanically and to look for clues in my movement patterns that could explain the knee pain.

With the information from this detailed assessment Nick was able to tailor an individual exercise program to correct my movement patterns by addressing basic flexibility and stability first. Nick was also the first professional to view all the muscle groups as a whole and understand that they need to work together in harmony. He identified glute activation as an area that needed to be worked on which was currently impacting on how my knee's worked, as well as developing the VMO muscle to allow my knee to function in an optimal way. I begin to feel improvements in the pain within 6 weeks, and have continued to experience improvements along the way.

I am now at a point where I am virtually pain free and able to play netball and train 3 times a week - something I was never able to do in the past! Nick takes a holistic approach to rehabilitation and has an intricate understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body, and what is required to correct knee pain.”

Kate was my model in many of the videos I filmed for Womens Health & Fitness magazine and her technique and leg strength now is incredible. One of the strongest female clients I have.


Proof Of Program Success - Client Case Study
Luke Andrews

“After years of partaking in monotonous and unrelated training programs, training with Nick has opened up a whole new world of fitness, giving me that edge I needed.

Playing high level football is one of the most physically demanding activities I can imagine, and I found myself asking how can I possibly be better than the guy next to me if I am doing exactly the same training as he is. My knowledge of training components has increased dramatically since training with Nick, escaping the traditional body building training routine that most people get sucked into. By utilising whole body exercises with dynamic strength training, and improv-ing my posture, Nick has helped me become fitter and stronger in ways I didn’t know existed. I have not necessarily learned to train harder but certainly smarter, our training sessions have not only been helpful physically for myself, but mentally as Nick has a wealth of knowledge, helping me understand what I need to know in many different areas of health and fitness.

Overall I have benefited immensely from my training with Nick; areas of my game have been specifically replicated in our training programs which have helped me reach great heights in my last year of junior football. Winning the Oakleigh chargers TAC cup best and fairest in 2009 would never have been possible were it not for my intense training sessions with Nick. In 2013 I suffered a knee injury that kept me out of the game for most of the year and I missed playing in the premiership team. Worse than that I felt I may have lost my place in the side and I had lost confidence in my ability to explode out of packs which is normally my greatest strength.

With Nick’s help we set about building stability, strength and most importantly the confidence to use power to get back into the team. I played most of the year in the firsts and was able to secure my spot in the Grand Final team even with all the AFL Hawthorn listed players playing. I would not have been able to do this if I had not had a well designed program and plan from early in the year. ”

Luke currently plays 1st Division VFL Football for Box Hill Hawks and in 2012 won several awards for Box Hill and in the pre-season set the record for the bench press test, squat test and also holds the record for the 20m sprint test!


Proof Of Program Success - Client Case Study
Cheryl Hansen

Here is another great story of a client who was told that she needed a knee replacement and to stop all gym training right now! At the time her leg was getting worse and she had knee flexion of only 90 degrees. Mentally as much as physically Cheryl was really challenged at this point, but I am glad she stuck at it and proved that you can make a difference, you just need to put a lot of hard work in.

“I have been training with Nick and his team of dedicated trainers for many years now. When I first met Nick I was very hesitant about taking him on as my trainer as he came with a reputation of " showing no mercy!" Nick has proved to be pas-sionate about his wish for his clients to be life ready and ready for what life presents to you, both physically and emotionally.

I have a chronic degenerative issue with my Right knee and having been told 4 years ago I would need a partial knee re-placement and shouldn't be doing any weight bearing exer-cise through it, I decided, with Nick's common sense approach to this advice, that that was not going to happen!!
Over time I have gradually built strength through the muscles around my knee to the point that I can do a wide range of strength training exercises and have significantly more range of movement and much less pain. There are some movements I just can't do and some I don't like to do but nothing stops me having a go!!

My head space often argues with what my body can do but we all know Nick and his trainers are very good at getting you to stop listening to what you can't do and to have a go! Thank you all for having the passion to help us to help ourselves.”

In 2014 Cheryl completed a week long trek through mountainous areas of New Zealand. This would not have been possible if she had not completed the program outlined in this book. Cheryl’s knee flexibility is now close to 130 degrees, very similar to her left leg!


Proof Of Program Success - Client Case Study
Georgie McIntosh

"For the past 10 years pain has been a constant in my life. I ended up having 2 surgeries for a bulged disk in 2006 and have never really recovered. The surgeon referred me to a physio who I saw twice a week and they also had me doing one-on-one Feldenkrais to learn how to move correctly again. I did EVERYTHING they told me to. After a year I was still in a lot of pain so I went back to the surgeon. He did another scan and confirmed there was no longer a bulge, and said ‘give it another year’. Easy for him to say!

Over the following 8 years, across different countries, I’ve seen at least 10 different physios, ~2 osteos, ~5 remedial massage therapists, ~2 myotherapists, ~3 acupuncturists, ~2 personal trainers, an exercise physiologists, one-one-one clinical Pilates with multiple physios, a swim trainer and 2 podiatrists. Well that’s what I remember - I could have paid off my house by now! Last year I decided my twice weekly Pilates wasn’t building my strength, and it was also aggravating my shoulder and wrists. I knew it was related to bad habits picked up from ‘protecting’ my back, but no one could really diagnose it. Late last year I saw a new sports doctor, who after finding out I was recently pregnant told me that he ‘couldn’t really help since I couldn’t have an injection, so I should plan to leave work early as I was highly likely to struggle, and well good luck with the feeding because that’s going to be tough’. After working so hard for so long I felt like I had failed. As it turned out I had a miscarriage, so I decided to suck it up and go back for the injection – my last resort. The scans and injection cost close to $2k, and it didn’t work at all. He didn’t have much to say to me, so I demanded he refer me to a pain clinic – if they couldn’t fix it, I was going to need a better way to cope with it – enough was enough. Instead he referred me to a rheumatologist, who suggested I immediately cease all Pilates, go back to Feldenkrais and learn meditation. He suggested my problems stemmed from being super tight and ‘strengthening’ just made me tighter. I felt much better initially, but 4 months later I felt worse than I had with the Pilates, I’d lost any strength and momentum I did have, and was just another patient they had forgotten about.

Upon hearing this recent update, a friend who had been seeing Nick for a while recommended I give No Regrets a go so I reluctantly met with Nick one lunchtime. I thought his approach sounded great as it seemed to pull together so many of the various things I’d learnt over the years, and I was keen to give it a go, however I was completely reluctant to commit as I had been through this so many times in the past 8 years – throwing a lot of money into a different approaches – only to be the one who gets screwed in the long run when the trainer/physio/specialist etc. get very little results and basically gives up, but continues to take my money until I eventually get handed over to someone new, and the cycle continues…

But I did really like that Nick took learnings from so many different approaches and I felt that maybe he would just pull all the different bits from all the different therapies and put them into something that worked precisely for ME. I am only 33, and I simply felt like I shouldn’t have to settle for where I was at – yes I was ‘functional’ and working full time again, but every decision and plan in my life was made with pain management in mind.

I’ve now been seeing Nick twice a week for three months. Right from the start he has identified poor movements patterns that I’ve always felt weren’t right but no-one ever listened or taught me HOW to correct it. He is great at explaining why we do movements or exercises a certain way and identifying the specific trouble spots that I have, allowing me to be much more aware of how I move both in and out of the gym. Particularly the way he structures workouts around the relationship between stretching and strengthening makes so much sense. Much of what he says is bits and pieces of what I’ve heard before but finally packaged into a training session that works for ME and doesn’t aggravate my various complaints. He’s also very flexible and will change his workout plan to suit how I’m feeling that day which means I never feel pressured. I’ve learned that I still hold a lot of fear with my movements but I know I can be honest with Nick and he makes sure I feel supported physically and emotionally. Whilst I get the muscle soreness that you get from a good workout, my body has quickly adapted and I’m yet to have any major ‘set backs’ like I’ve always encountered with other therapies/trainers.

My employer recently offered me a job closer to home, a dream given driving aggravates my sciatica. After much thought I accepted the position on the condition that I could continue to work from Nunawading once a week so I could continue my training. That’s how committed I now am to working with Nick! I never thought it would be an overnight cure, and Nick is very honest and upfront about the work you need to do and time it takes to make permanent corrections, but I have genuinely seen more improvement in the past 3 months than I have in the past 6 years! Obviously it’s still early days, but for the first time in a long time I feel like I’m making consistent improvements and am on absolutely the right track."


Normally $297 - Today Only $187